Doctor Who Media Saturation – Too much Who?

Doctor Who / Entertainment / TV review

There’s so many voices out there now with Doctor Who being an “in” thing. The loudest voices at the moment are: Emergency Awesome, a fast-talking mid-twenties hyperfocused and well-versed fan spewing all the facts and spoilers he can muster in 7 minute video-chunks, with comments by obessive fans pointing out the minutae he may have missed; Blogtor Who – a UK fan-turned-publicist with ins at the production team who always has the latest spoilers... Read More ››

Helping a developing child to handle hyperreal technology

Parenting / Technology

My five-year-old son is obsessed with my iPad, iPhone, and Mac. He has a genetic predisposition to become hyper focused. Once something has his attention, and he’s really really interested in it, it can be almost impossible to get him to talk about anything else. The iPad. The iPad. The iPad. That became the answer to every one of his problems. Let me play with the iPad! As a technological enthusiast, I like to... Read More ››

2012 politics: Immigration, power and fear


The majority of Americans living in this country have no legitimate right to be here. We took this country by force, Armed to the teeth, annihilating anyone who opposed us, making false concessions, And then finally confining the natives to camps – – I’m sorry–-Reservations– When we were done with them. We then took slaves from overseas to serve us. Apparently the subjugation of one race by force was not enough for us. All... Read More ››

5 Reasons I hate Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


I just finished reading my son a bedtime story. Rather than our usual storybooks, instead I chose a story from a magazine that my wife subscribes to as part of her day care offerings. Reading these stories made me vomit in my own mouth, and here are the top five reasons that I hate Mickey Mouse’s clubhouse stories and want them to be banned and burned. Reason number one: Inane banter The characters definitely... Read More ››

Chris Feyrer’s Quick ‘n Easy Tuna Salad Recipe


2 large cans of tuna fish 1 green pepper 1 yellow onion 3 cloves minced garlic (or dried minced garlic) 1 bottle mayo or Miracle Whip 1 stick of celery Mrs Dash original (or salt and pepper) Dash of lemon juice — Chop up green pepper, onion, celery and combine with tuna fish in medium sized bowl. Season with minced garlic and Mrs Dash to taste. Slowly add mayo until desired consistency. I prefer... Read More ››


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