Slowing Down

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There’s several things very wrong with writing at 120 words per minute.  The first is, you often end up blurting out things that you otherwise might edit.  The second is, there’s no time really to process that which you have written — the words hit the page sometimes faster than your mind can process them.  Before you know it, your mind enters this state where you are actually slowing yourself down deliberately so that you are able to communicate effectively rather than quickly.  Alternately, you do NOT slow down and what you are typing degenerates into incoherent rambling.

Similarly, there are situations in which it’s easy to jump to conclusions.  The speed at which communication and work move right now make it very easy to do so — and the fact that you are competing with machines, knowledge bases, Google, subject matter experts — all that jump to conclusions in a fraction of a second.

I’m starting to wonder if ADHD, autism, and all similar ailments are caused by this overstimulation, the pressure, the stress of the modern age to perform quickly.  Those who can achieve quickly, move to the head of the pack, as they are keeping pace with technology. But what about the painstaking meticulousness of yesteryear?  The artist that slaves away with details at the perfect masterpiece for years.  The engineer that crafts a computer program commented down to the last detail.  The nurse or doctor that really takes the time not just to be your physician, but to know you as a person and know the little quirks that make your body tick.

I am making deliberate efforts to slow down, to process, to digest, to contemplate.  Technology’s greatest assett, it’s ability to access knowledge and make “snap” decisions, may also be its greatest liability. Contemplation allows us as humans, to still have the upper hand, and an asset I’ve yet to be seen replicated — perspective.

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