2012 politics: Immigration, power and fear


The majority of Americans living in this country have no legitimate right to be here. We took this country by force, Armed to the teeth, annihilating anyone who opposed us, making false concessions, And then finally confining the natives to camps – – I’m sorry–-Reservations– When we were done with them.

We then took slaves from overseas to serve us. Apparently the subjugation of one race by force was not enough for us.

All of that aside, from a personal standpoint, my family were immigrants, arriving far after this new normal was established. I am a Sicilian German-American. My grandparents came in via Ellis Island and my grandfather fought in World War II to protect freedom in this country.

His parents came to America through Ellis Island because of the promise of the American dream. And the dream it was. One that he lived out successfully becoming the vice president of a paper company. If those gates had been closed to Sicilians, that dream would’ve been lost. But, the new ruling order in America was European. Familiar. More respected.

Similarly on the other side of my family, the Germans, hard-working hard-nosed, Immigrated here because of the promise of freedom and finding their own way. Again, European.

Now that we’re established here, for some reason we feel that we have the right to deprive that privilege from others. This is because power corrupts. This is because people don’t want to lose what they have, especially if it was gained through sweat and tears. And war. And murder.

So what of Mexicans that want to pursue similar dreams? Typically people only do illegal things if they are given few or no other choices.

The Mexicans I know Are religious, family orientated, and hard-working. Hardly the stereotypes that you see perpetuated by those that would keep them out of our country.

Fundamentally, I know why this is happening. Americans are thinking about the Indian Nations and other subjugated minorities. When America freed the slaves, we released a People deprived of identity, filled with self-hatred, and bitterness. And yet we wonder why these people distrust us today and wonder why our combined culture has fundamental psychological problems?

Who would want additional Americans that feel subjugated and distrust the government? That I feel is the main argument, the underlying psychosis that prevents the borders from being open. But in reality, it’s actually probably a legitimate threat. Emotions run high when it comes to freedom, Power, status, access to resources. This is what everyone wants. Men, women, boys, girls, white, black – – And when you grant these things to anyone, it is an inherent risk. It’s a risk because they might turn on you.

An America, attacked by terrorists, on the verge of economic collapse, is risk-averse. Adding new immigrants to the mix creates too many variables for the current populace to be comfortable with.

I believe in democracy. And I don’t believe that the borders will be open anytime soon because of the psychology I outlined above.

I think in order to establish healthy immigration practices between Mexico and America the relationship between the two countries would have to be fundamentally rewritten.

It’s very much like having a psychology patient, caught in a very negative beliefs system, and telling them to have faith in themselves and others. And I’m talking about both countries when I say this.

Emancipation, women’s rights, these were all steps in the right direction. But what really needs to happen is therapy. Healing. Reconciliation. Trust. And it’s accompanying vulnerability.

A vulnerability that most Americans, fearing the retribution of the less powerful, or the belligerent uneducated, are not willing to risk.

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